NGO Training

On 15.10.2013, the first legal seminar was held in the Municipal Library, attended by a total of 8
participants. In the beginning there was a mutual introduction and reconciliation of expectations and
motivations for participation in the workshop. Subsequently, the project under which the event was
held was introduced and the participants were introduced to the legal framework in the climate area.

During the workshop itself, the focus was on learning the basic legal tools through practical examples
in a non-frontal way. In this way, we encourage participants not to perceive law as an alienated tool
only for professionals. On the contrary, we try to get them to touch the different tools themselves, so
that the stress and uncertainty that legal institutes can cause disappears.
We have focused on two areas, which we have internally called “paper activist” and “activist in the
streets”, based on the participants’ prior selection. Participants thus shared different experiences
together and these were put into an overall context by the trainers. Within the “paper activist” area we
discussed, for example, the possibilities of forming associations, organizing petitions, writing
complaints and filing criminal complaints. In the area of ‘activists in the streets’, the focus is on, for
example, organising and reporting demonstrations, or communicating with the police.
We set all the findings in the overall climate legal framework.