Summer School of Environmental and Climate Law

The first year of the Summer School of Environmental Law and Climate Law (hereinafter “Summer
School”) was held on the dates from September 14 to 17, 2023 in central Slovakia in the village of
Donovaly. A total of 30 participants took part in the first year of the Summer School, and we consider
it a success that we managed to gather such a number of Law Faculty students who are interested in
the issues of environmental protection and climate change.

The Summer School itself was divided into two thematic blocks. The first block will represent the topic
of environmental law and environmental protection, and the second block was devoted to the topic of
climate change crisis and climate change law.
The main goal of the Summer School was to provide participants with a more comprehensive
overview of individual global environmental problems, with an emphasis on their occurrence, impact
and solutions in the conditions of the Slovak Republic.
The summer school was conducted through lectures and workshops, which were conducted for the
participants by various experts from practice. Individual lecturers and individual lectures were chosen
very specifically to interest the students.
Lectures, workshops and exercises for students included topics:

  • the issue of bears in Slovakia,
  • hunting,
  • legal regulation of control and sanctioning of illegal actions in the field of environmental care,
  • environmental crimes,
  • National parks of Slovakia,
  • educational walk in the national park,
  • climate change,
  • adaptation,
  • mitigation,
  • legal regulation of the battle against climate change,
  • carbon footprint
  • activities that may be undertaken by the citizens in the battle against climate change,
  • the role of the municipalities in the battle against climate change,
  • climate change litigation.

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