NGOs Training

The 1st training was held for the NGO representatives of the member groups of NSC FoE HU on 13th November 2023. 16 people participated.

The first part of the training introduced the current legal options for planned obsolescence and created a discussion on the development of acting regarding the environmental burden of the electronic devices. Participants were encouraged to create a dialogue with each other and discuss their experiences from their region regarding the climate change pressures and trends connecting to the digital world.

The second part of the workshop was divided into 2 sections. In the first section, participants learnt about the current climate policies in Hungary and why they are inadequate for tackling the climate crisis. Then participants were divided into 3 groups to discuss their ideas regarding the changes they want in the current climate policies. Each group represented their ideas of change to each other and then created a new draft as a possible solution. The second section was a situation game modelling a climate litigation case where participants played certain roles such as stakeholders, companies, environmentalists, and youth, and represented their point of view in the case. The case focused on the lack of commitment of the governments against the climate crisis.

During the training participants discussed the most pressing issues of the climate crisis. They created a new draft to replace the current climate policy by adding new suggestions and ideas on how to improve the Hungarians goals of tackling climate change.